Spirit of the Moment gifts a space in which you can rest and come to a place of healing and wholeness through relaxing the body, mind and soul.  

Through the science and practice of yoga many blockages to full health and vitality can be released so that your true nature and state of being can be realised.  

You may be coming to yoga for many and varied reasons; for relief from physical pain or illness, to improve and maintain good health, to calm a busy mind and stressful life, to realise deeper spiritual truth within... or all of these & more.  Whatever your reasons, experience, aims or desires you are most welcome.

Through many years of practice and study I create a beautiful place for you to safely relax and release what no longer serves you, so that your sense of separateness from your body, mind, soul and the world can come towards a deeper sense of union within a nurturing environment.

If you want to take things deeper then I also offer various healing practices drawn from many different fields that weave together to form a comprehensive offering for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  

Please explore my website and I hope to see you soon in one of my classes, retreats, One2One sessions, workshops or on the dancefloor.