I am available to host workshops in a variety of subjects for you & your friends, work colleagues or at festivals & events.  

I love doing this work as it gives participants a chance to really dive deep, opening a possibility for true transformation to take place.


Workshop topics can cover any of the following or a combination there of:




Chakra Dance

Shamanic Dance

Hands On Healing

Ceremonial Healing

Archetype Journeying

Dancefloor Energy Work

Creating Sacred Space

Shamanic Journeying

Past Life Regression

Opening to Bliss

Shadow Work

Grief Release


And more… just ask!


Prices vary with amount of participants, location and nature & length of workshop.  

My aim is to work with you to make it affordable for all.

If you would like me to host a workshop at a venue near you, in your home or at your event then please get in touch via the contacts page.



Here are what some previous participants have said... 


“Wonderful connecting, liberating, look forward to doing more!”

 Liz. Cumbria, England


“Wonderful exciting safe space to grow and be nurtured. So much to give. Thank you."

Ludwig. Findhorn, Scotland


"Since last weekend I have felt positive that I am in the right place at this moment [and my] internal battle between my brain and heart has stopped.  Thank you to all of you for bringing in peace and light!  I feel so lucky to have met you all!!!  It's so lovely to have a group of friends who are around the same age to speak to and practice meditation with."

Poppy. Yorkshire, England


"Wow! Do you realise you have changed the way I dance forever?! Thank you Spirit."

Jess. Glasgow, Scotland


 "Simon, a huge thank you for a wonderful uplifting, spiritual, magical day. So much to think about and put into practice. I feel my mind and thoughts are at peace, and will work to keep it that way,...and be myself again! It was an amazing thought provoking day, you have wonderful people skills...I could go on and on singing your praises! The room was looking brilliant and our "magic carpet" was very special."

 Maggie. Ballater,  Scotland


"I must say so many good things have been happening to me since the healing ceremony.  I have felt much more open, much more free and able to do the things I was putting of before.  I actually feel as though my pattern of thinking has changed overnight!  I feel as though you have inspired me to speak out, to find my voice and to speak to the people who are important in my life."

 Hebe. Dumfries, Scotland


"I really enjoyed and appreciated every minute of the ceremony.  It's honestly opened my eyes to so much and I feel it's made everything clearer."

Emma. Glasgow, Scotland