Shamanic Dance



I work as a Shamanic Dancer & Dancefloor Energy Worker at festivals & events and also offer workshops and training in this healing art.  

I am also available to open & close Sacred Space at festivals, events & ceremonies.  This creates safety, containment and grounding to deepen any healing that may take place within the event. 



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Shamanic Dance is an ancient healing art that has it's roots in prehistory.  It is timeless and enduring and has never been lost to those who are sensitive to it's presence.  Yet it is a newly emergent form of healing within the modern festival and dance culture.  It can provide much needed focus, intention, grounding, healing and integration to those seeking and experiencing healing or spiritual expansion on the dancefloor.    

As a shamanic practice this art is expressed uniquely by the individual called to it's path.  At my first visit to nightclub at 18 years old, I found myself dancing with energy streaming from my hands and assumed this was merely what dancing was all about.  Later I realised not everyone feels this energy and over many years I have gradually developed this art into my own unique expression.

Following teaching and guidance from experts in the field from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America I now find myself on stages and dancefloors around the world channelling healing energy through the medium of dance to all who are open to receive it.  It is very clear to me that 'I' am not doing anything, 'I' am not healing anyone and no-one is being 'healed by me'.  What is happening is that 'I' have learnt various skills and techniques to step out of the way to allow a flow of energy to pass through the conduit of my body.  This energy has it's own agenda & course of action and oft times is drawn through me by the person or people calling for healing/wholeness/integration/grounding or release.  Everyone has this energy flowing through them at all times.  Some perceive it, some do not and some can consciously amplify it to a greater degree to help others to amplify theirs.  It is called by many names by different cultures, but I prefer not to limit it by fancy or culturally specific descriptive terms and simply call it 'energy'.

The word 'healing' means 'to bring into wholeness'.  It is my belief & experience that there are an infinite number of paths to this place of wholeness.  Yet this place is common to us all as it is our natural state of being.  Wholeness and vitality is always present within in us when we remove the blocks that limit our expression and experience of it.  Healing is merely a process that helps us to remove those blocks.  Dance is one of the processes I love to use as it is non-verbal, uses the whole body, activates all the muscles, organs, circulatory, lymphatic and energetic systems and is infinite in it's range of emotional expression.

My preferred music is either live or electronic pulsating bass driven dance music in it's various diverse forms, such as; Dub-step, Drum n' Bass, Crunk, Glitch, HipHop, Electro Swing, House, Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Trance, Temple, Kirtan and Ambient.  However, all these genres are fairly meaningless to me as they merge into something I'm more likely to describe as 'Globally Infused Bass Music', 'Spiritual Bass' or simply 'Bass Music'.

I have danced on stage for artists such as: DJ Dragonfly, Jef Stott, Utah Saints, Cheb i Sabbah, TerraNine, Suns of Arqa, Opulent Temple, Hookah Dome, DJ Wolfie, Freddy Frogs, Dub Mafia, Caravan Palace, Mungo's HiFi, ShyFX & MC Stamina, MC Xander, Scratch Perverts, The Chicken Brothers, Discobaw, Backflip Dropkick, Ctrlfreq, Sneaker Shoe Arcade and many more at events and festivals in the UK, Europe and USA.

I also offer healing for individuals within the dancefloor which may include; emotional release, physical healing, entity release, grounding, harm prevention, negative energy clearing, grief release, ecstatic awakening, bliss enhancement & more.  The common theme is always one of an individual finding a greater sense of wholeness, integration and completion within.

Running workshops to empower others to deepen their Shamanic Dance Practice is a joy for me and deeply satisfying work as it can transform someones experience of dance forever.  If you would like to have me host a workshop near you then just ask! 



 DJing and Events


I have recently begun DJing a wide variety of dance music genres from ecstatic bass to bliss filled chilled out ambient.  I endeavour to create soundscapes which inspire deep grounding that then supports spiritual awakening and ecstatic uplifting.   

I promote bands and DJ's as well as hosting small festivals and events within Scotland when the call is heard.  I have an extensive collection of over 100 hangings, plus other decor and sculpture for events and altar creation available for hire on request.

In recent years I have brought 'The Groove Garden' conscious dance event to Scotland from California.  This has been held at Findhorn Foundation Spiritual Community and other venues within Scotland.



To book me to dance, DJ or run workshops

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