For me healing comes from within the person who desires to be healed.  The healer is present to facilitate creating the conditions for a safe place, both within and without, that can enable you to remove the blocks to your own sense of wholeness or health.

Health = Whole   Healing = To bring into wholeness 

So rather than offering healing 'for' or 'to' you, I offer to facilitate holding a space in which you may find the healing you need for yourself.  Below are some of the healing options I offer.


Healing Options


- Yoga Tuition -

(Hatha & Yin Yoga)


- Meditation Facilitation -

(Silent, Guided and Shamanic Journeying)


 - Shamanic Dance -

(From Stage at Festivals & Events)


- Dancefloor Energy Work -

(1:1 on the dancefloor & workshops)


- Opening & Closing Sacred Space -

(Festivals, Events, Workshops & Ceremonies)


- Bespoke Healing Ceremonies -

(1:1 healing sessions for emotional, physical & spiritual needs using various techniques as required)


- Hands on Healing -

(1:1 for you or your pets)


- Distance Healing -

(As required)