Children's Yoga



Kids love Yoga!

And the way I teach it they have loads of fun learning with a bit of crazy chaos thrown in for good measure.  

We go on magical adventures to the rainforest to meet different animals and into space to visit aliens on strange planets.  We explore our ocean of emotions and visit our ancient ancestors to hear their wisdom and learn to make fire!  All the while we are learning about our bodies, moving into lots of weird and wonderful shapes, breathing, jumping & running and sharing our inner worlds and imaginations and finding out how to be friendly and compassionate to ourselves and others.  We also learn how to be respectful, to listen, be still & quiet and find peace within.

Older children and teenagers are taken on a different Yogic journey and also have lots of fun along the way discovering what it is to be human! 


I've also been hosting regular Yoga Classes for School Teachers.  So let me know if this is something you and your colleagues would like.  It can be a great start or end to your week!




I qualified as a Children's Yoga Instructor in 2016 with Louisa of LKY Yoga in Laurencekirk.

I have full disclosure and insurance for this valuable and popular work.

I usually offer a 6 week block of sessions for schools.





If you would like to book me for your School, After School Club, Holiday Club or Birthday Party then please get in touch via the contacts page.




Testimonials from pupils, teachers & parents will be posted here soon!