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As an expert heart-centred personal development and self-awareness coach, I offer 1:1 & Group Coaching for clients around the globe.

My conviction is that we all contain rich layers of untapped inner treasures and only through revealing this gold within will you truly prosper and thrive.  Through many years of training and mining my depths, I now specialise in guiding people to discover their unique inner gold, creating profound self-awareness, personal transformation, growth & inner contentment.

I deliver my proprietary ‘Gold Focused Coaching Program’ as a flexible, structured, and proven model as either a ‘10-week Intensive’ or ‘10-month In-Depth’ program.

This ritual initiatory program will reliably deliver your gold, taking your personal development to the next level, enabling you to face the world with honest mature authenticity, ensuring your deepest truth is valued, honoured, and blessed.

My big promise is that you will find a deeper connection to yourself than you ever have before.

The direct benefit of this transformed self-awareness and connection to your unconditioned self, will be an ability to align with your core values in all aspects of your life, freeing you to move forward on your life path with rich authenticity.


Individually tailored support and group sessions are also available.


If you are needing support & guidance in any area of your

professional, personal or spiritual life

then please contact me to discuss the options.


Let's find out if we might work together to

assist you to find your DREAM,

support you to BELIEVE in yourself &

guide you to ACHIEVE your goals

 & become the person you want to be in the world!


 As an 'Accredited Fellow Coach' with IAPC&M I am committed to upholding & improving high standards of integrity & professionalism within the Coaching industry.


~ Testimonials ~



You took reality and held it through spirit and love.


I felt your voice of experience and trusted your guidance.


I was amazed at your insight and the way which you held and responded to my needs with an inspirational level of play and joy... you made the problems fun, however remaining stern in purpose.


Your nature is that of love and you express it most potently when really tutoring.  You really commanded my respect on that front.


I felt a space of respect for the speed of my personal development which you held and never pressured which made me feel safe yet responsible.


It doesn’t even compare to other work I’ve done.  Simon’s compassion and lack of judgement is in a league of its own.  Simon is the first 1-1 practitioner I’d recommend.


In terms of commitment and dedication, the program surpassed my expectations.  


Our work together under your guidance has been enormously helpful to me - you have a very special place in my heart!


 I have been guided so well by the questions you have asked me... From that reflection I started showing up in a different way.


Your words of wisdom and encouragement helped me stay the course.

I have a better understanding of what I am, my psychology and my weaknesses.  I’m less highly strung.  I’m more mature and more realistic in regards to my true nature.

Through his impeccable ability to listen to his spirit, he has been able to guide me into the depths of my soul, healing traumas from my childhood and youth, and allowing me to break down my walls to love and to stand in my Truth. With the help of this beautiful, Divine being, I am stepping into my power and seeing the truth of my own Divinity. Never have I felt so safe to go into the darkest depths of my soul as I do with this amazing man.  My gratitude and love are infinite.

You are a high-end coach who gets a local athlete to an Olympic level.


As you said, to question is not about finding answers, we don’t really “know” anything, but to question is to open a door of great possibility and I have found this in my work with you.