~ Meditation ~


Spirit in Meditation



 Meditation in one form or another has been practiced by all cultures throughout time to calm the body & mind and to open to a deeper truth within.  

The positive benefits of meditation on physical & mental health are numerous, as are the benefits to those around people who meditate.  

Meditation is neither hard nor difficult: though our busy mind may love to tell us otherwise!  All one has to do is gently observe & witness the processes of the body/mind, gradually going deeper & deeper in one's observations.  Slowly we are able to disassociate with our body/mind system and find our identity in the witness.  Then, as we go deeper still, we may merge with something we might come to call Divine/Self/God/Goddess... or words may simply fall away as we sense their limitation to describe what we discover.  

Ultimately, the adept can be in a near constant state of meditation at all times.  Untroubled by the appearance of things, yet deeply, intimately, lovingly, connected to all appearance of forms that arise from the formless.

However, meditation does not have 'a goal to strive for', 'a state to get to' or 'an end point'.  One does not 'master' meditation or even become 'good at it'.  And conversely one cannot be 'bad' at meditation or get it 'wrong'.  Meditation is a practice.  A way of being.  Simply a natural counterpoint to 'doing' in the world.  Meditation is watching, witnessing and being at one with what is, with no opposition.  Therefore, we can also be in a place were we are not watching, not witnessing and feeling separate from, or in opposition to, what is.  Upon realizing this disconnected state we are once again witnessing.  We are again in meditation.  

Deep wisdom can arise from this place of witness in addition to states of bliss & ecstasy.  Though to chase these as a goal or desire or to want hold on to them will have them fall away from us like autumn leaves as we find ourselves yet again in separation & disconnection from what is.  Meditation, like life in general, is a constant dance of the opposites that form one beautiful paradoxical whole.  It is a joyous journey, that requires no equipment or strategy. It takes us nowhere, yet can reveal to us the most wonderful experiences & stunning discoveries of both self & Self.  

To be somewhere we need to move from here to there.

To be everywhere we need go nowhere but where we are already.


In Yoga one of the main reasons for Asana (Posture) Practice is to enable you to sit comfortably in a meditation posture with a straight spine, thus ensuring a free flow of information throughout the nervous system and subtle energy channels during meditation.


I first learnt meditation techniques at 10 years old and I’ve been actively meditating since that age & practicing daily meditation for over 25 years. 

Introducing people to meditation or assisting them to go deeper in their practice is joyous work. 

I draw on various techniques of silent or guided mediation & also practice shamanic journeying.  

Though anything & everything you do can be your tool to a meditation practice, to sit in silence is maybe the best place to begin.


 All my Yoga Classes include a period of meditation.


~ Classes ~


No classes running at this time 



If you would like a class to be held in your area, workplace, club or group please email me!


1:1 Sessions ~


Sometimes it can help to deepen your practice to simply sit in meditation with someone else and to have to opportunity to ask questions, share experience & discuss technique all helps you along your path.

I offer 1:1 Meditation Sessions by appointment at my home or in a location of your choice.

Please phone or email to discuss options.