Hands On Healing


Hands On Healing is one of the most natural forms of healing available to us.  We all do it as we reach to an injury on ourselves or another, we hold someone who is in pain or distress or we caress or hug a loved one.  It comes effortlessly.  However, one who practices 'Hands On Healing' (or one of it's many forms such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Shamanic Healing, etc.) has simply taken time to focus their attention on the process, learn certain techniques and hone their skill.

I have been practicing Hands On Healing since I was first introduced to it at 14 years old.   It came naturally to me and I have developed my own methods and techniques as well as taking influence from various traditions.

Hands On Healing works by focusing and channeling energy which brings the energy of the one 'receiving' to come into resonance with the 'higher' vibration of energy 'coming from' the one 'giving'.  This energy is called different things in different cultures, the most commonly used being; Prana, Chi, Ki or Life Force. This enables the person receiving to resonate with a different state of being and thus if their body/mind system desires to move beyond the restriction they were facing.

I use quotation marks on the terms; 'receiving', 'higher', 'coming from' and 'giving', because in my opinion that isn't what is actually happening, yet it is the convenient language commonly used to describe the practice.  To enable healing to 'happen' the healer opens space within to allow energy to flow to where it is needed and uses various technique to aid that process.  The one receiving need do nothing.  However, the more relaxed they are, open to receiving and open to change the more effective the healing will be.

Hands On Healing can be effective for physical, emotional or spiritual challenges we face in our lives and is also successful with animals.  I can practice from your home or mine or any other suitable venue.  I also offer distance healing and sessions via Skype. 

Pricing: £70 for 1.5 hr session.  

Please phone or email via the contacts page to discuss your needs.